ASS Steps 7-11 General Feedback


We have marked everyone’s ASS Steps 7-11. Here is the ASS Steps 7-11 General Feedback. You can also find a great ASS Steps 7-11 Exemplar from Monal Ghosal (Distance – Brisbane) in the Feedback section on the right-hand side of Moodle.

Grab a cup of coffee and have a good read of the ASS Steps 7-11 General Feedback and also check out Monal Ghosal’s ASS Steps 7-11 Exemplar.

Unit Evaluation T1 2018Also, you will notice a big red button ‘Have your say’ has appeared in the top left hand side of Moodle. Why not click on this button … and have your say. And if you wish, all you need to do is answer the first question: ‘Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of this unit’.

And all the best with your studies this coming week and with your preparation for our exam.