Hamburger trust metaphor

Brilliant post on trust in business and accounting from Amy Plant. And see my comment at the bottom of the post. 🙂


The Final AcCountdown

  • Hamburgers – not just tasty, also helpful

Let me give you the hot tip – I have a toolbox full of acronyms that someone has read out to me from a Microsoft Powerpoint, in Calibri size 14 font, with a soothing corporate gradient footer plastered across the bottom – and I can’t remember what any of the letters stand for. Yep, CPORTS, 5 P’s, 6 P’s, AID, SMART etc. they’re all in a metaphorical toolbox that lives in the dark recesses of my mind and I have no idea what they stand for, or even what some of the concepts they’re related to are. Give me a good metaphor or analogy any day to help understand a concept or just make sure it stays present in the common body of knowledge I draw on without having to try to remember.

So when I clicked on an article by Daniel Roth, the Executive Editor at…

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Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog.

I will tell you a few things about myself. I will also give you some of my perspectives as the course co-ordinator (and ‘tour guide’) for Using Accounting for Decision Making.

One of the initial challenges for us in our subject will probably be to adjust how we learn. You will not be able to simply rote-learn ‘clear-cut facts’ about accounting and reproduce them in our assessments. What you will also need to do is to take the time and effort to understand for yourself what some of the key concepts we are studying about accounting mean to you. The assessed learning tasks in our course are designed to help you experience this change in how you learn.

You may find this a little frustrating at first … you may find yourself asking ‘just give me the answers’ … do not worry, once you get used to it, learning for understanding and developing personal meaning is so much more fun than just rote-learning … and in years to come you will find you actually will have learnt something about accounting and will still remember and understand some of the key concepts about accounting we will be looking at.

There are also pages on our assessed learning tasks: PeerWise, Assignments and SPAs. I will give you my tips and thoughts as we go along through the term.

And there are pages setting out the emails I will send everyone in our course during the term and also my tweets (@MartinTurner12).

Should be a fun journey!

I hope you come ‘on-board’ as we explore the (possibly) exciting world of accounting.